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Discover Your Purpose at Work

Connect to your organization’s North Star

When you’re banging away at emails and moving from meeting to meeting, it’s hard to see the big picture. Even if you’ve been in the company for a while, take a step back and look for the mission, vision and values. You can find purpose if the connection between your work and yourself is present and strong.

Craft your job

Some tasks simply feel meaningless. They don’t matter to the customer, it’s another meeting without an agenda or an endless stack of paperwork. So, start pruning the tree. Behavioral scientists call “job crafting” an approach where you maximize purpose by modifying your job. Identify the tasks that give you energy and increase the time you spend on those tasks. Find the things that sap your strengths and (carefully) decrease their frequency.

Get out of yourself

Sometimes finding your purpose means stepping out of yourself for a while. Serving others, building connections and helping other people grow can provide a strong sense of purpose. Helping others succeed can not only be purposeful but also rewarding. If you have time or capacity, look for projects that could use your strengths and offer to help. You’ll build meaningful connections and contribute to the success of the organization. If you can coach or mentor junior employees, jump at the chance. You’ll find meaning in helping others.

Finding Your Purpose
in Life

Listen to Feedback

It can be hard to recognize the things you feel passionate about sometimes. After all, you probably like to do many different things and the things you love to do may have become so ingrained in your life that you don’t realize how important those things are.

Fortunately, other people might be able to give you some insight. There’s a good chance you’re already displaying your passion and purpose to those around you without even realizing it.

Surround Yourself
With Positive People

As the saying goes, you are the company that you keep. What do you have in common with the people who you choose to be around?

The people you surround yourself with say something about you. If you’re surrounded by people who are making positive change, you might draw from their inspiration.

Start Conversations
With New People

It’s easy to browse social media while you’re alone on the subway or sitting at a bar waiting for a friend. Resist that urge. Instead, take the time to talk to the people around you.

Ask them if they are working on any projects or what they like to do for fun. Talk to them about organizations with which they are involved or if they like to donate to any particular cause.

Are You Clear on Your Purpose and Passion?

One of the best investments you can make.

Identify Your Purpose and Passion

We all have some familiarity with the idea of our purpose and passion, but few of us really set our life up to be in conscious alignment with it. Many people dismiss it as whoo-whoo stuff and the realm of hobbies, not a serious way to make a living in a super competitive world.

Identify Your Skills

If you know your Purpose (your Why) and your Passion (your What), you need to know your skills (your How). If you can figure out what you are brilliant at and design your work life around that, your work will become more natural and effortless for you and you will achieve greater alignment.

Identify Your Beliefs

We all have tapes running in our heads all the time when we try to do things that are either empowering or disempowering depending on what the challenge before us is and what our formative conditioning was as children and what our social experiences have taught us. A definite law of nature is that the bigger the challenge, the bigger the resistance we will see.

What our students saying about us


Anand Dhillon

The coaching sessions that I had with Ivy afterwards had even more profound influence on me. She has incredible insights into many life and career questions, and helped dispel a lot of doubts and confusions that I had along the way. I only wish to have met her earlier!

Anand Dhillon
Aria Sims

This experience has changed my life. I am more confident, know where I am going and I am reaching that goal of my true Self. It has made my marriage, personal life, and work more productive and is bringing me to who I truly am and what I truly want to accomplish.

Aria Sims
Sophie Hansen

Ivy’s intuitive purpose reading was truly enlightening. I had some vague ideas about my career path but had struggled for years to piece things together— until Ivy shared with me my soul’s purpose.

Sophie Hansen

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Ivy Belles

CEO and Founder

My tactical teaching philosophy could be called eclectic pragmatism. As the years of experience have accumulated, I have collected quite a variety of techniques and activities for different topics, levels, and student learning styles.

As you grow and develop throughout your time with me, you’ll feel calmer, less stressed, and more capable of handling challenges.

I serve as a guide: I believe all the answers we seek are within us. My coaching process focuses on 5 main areas: Awareness, beliefs, thoughts, Intention and action. Understanding your results are always an expression of your level of awareness, beliefs allows you to understand how you are interpreting the world and identify hidden saboteurs that are keeping you from accomplishing your goals. How thoughts help you direct your self-image and action toward your goals.